What We Do for our clients

Crucial Communications Group (CCG) creates customized training sessions to prepare people at all levels of an organization to master encounters with critical audiences. Whether that audience includes media, customers, shareholders or employees, our training will help you deliver your message with confidence and credibility. We build relationships with our clients and offer ongoing guidance on how to best communicate with authenticity, transparency, and a genuine desire to be understood.

crucial communications group partners with you to achieve your goals

Our Approach

At Crucial Communications Group, we partner with you. We get to know who you are now and where you want to be, then we work with you to develop customized, engaging training programs and support services that are effective and efficient in helping you achieve your goals.

Our proven methods of instruction ensure maximum skill mastery that will benefit you and your team for years to come. We use former journalists and corporate communicators to bring authenticity to the exercises. We help you understand how reporters think, act, react and respond during the interview process. This journalistic perspective is invaluable in helping you learn to see how other audiences will interpret your words and it underscores the value of clear, concise and compelling communication.

Brilliant, natural communicators are about as common as brilliant opera singers. The good news is that, unlike singing an aria, most people can learn the skills and discipline required to become excellent communicators. CCG has helped hundreds of junior level executives hone the skills required to take them to the C-Suite, just as we've helped leaders of some of the world's largest companies become more confident and masterful brand ambassadors.

One of our core beliefs is that our company succeeds when our clients succeed. A testament to the effective partnerships we’ve built with our clients is that we’ve not only retained relationships with our founding clients, but they have requested an expansion of those services.

Communication. It’s crucial. And we know it.

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crucial communications group's training services are completely customized to fit client needs


All of our training is completely customized to fit the specific needs of each client. Your organization gains customized training and coaching sessions so that people at all levels can learn to master encounters with critical audiences, including media, customers, shareholders and employees.

Never cookie cutter or off the shelf, there is no typical CCG program. The sessions range from two hours to two days, depending on where you are and where you want to go. From individuals to large groups, we have the experience. Designed with you in mind, customization is the norm and curriculum is molded to fit the need. No one gets processed or put through a set program. The pace proceeds as needed.

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our team

Jeff Braun leads the Crucial Communications Group team. He serves as president and lead trainer of CCG. Jeff is a high-energy corporate communications trainer and executive coach with extensive experience in many sectors of industry including including oil and gas, energy, technology, chemical, food manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, retail, and utilities. Jeff has developed numerous programs to meet his clients’ objectives, with a specific focus on ensuring all training is aligned with the company’s values and culture. An award-winning journalist, Jeff covered many major news stories involving the energy industry. This experience allows him to bring a unique and dynamic perspective when helping organizations plan for media opportunities, mission critical presentations, and emergency events or crises.

The other members of the Crucial Communications Group team members are all experienced professionals in media, journalism and corporate communications. Whether in front of the camera, behind the microphone, at the editorial desk or out in the field reporting, the CCG team has the experience to coach participants to adapt, adjust and move swiftly in rapidly changing waters. They excel at creating active learning situations that will result in memorable, true-to-life lessons that transfer to real retainable skills.

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