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This training helped me identify some habits that I didn't even realize I had that were working against me and were distracting to my audience. I was really able to take my presentation skills to the next level.

Vice president at a major agri-business company

This was one of the most useful training sessions I have ever attended, and the instructor, Jeff, was great. He really knows his job.

Client with a financial services firm

Presentations Training

Who Is This For?

Individuals who present information at internal and external meetings, conferences, public forums, and other important informational events

  • This session can be customized for both groups and for individuals.

  • Description:

    Admit it. One more poorly crafted Power Point presentation will have you seeing red. Presenting requires more than a projector and a clicker. In order to make sure your information is not only delivered but received, our training will give you tools to achieve the correct pacing and tone of your message. Participants receive individualized coaching and feedback on style, overall presence, and effectiveness in message delivery.

    What You Will Learn:
    • Assessment of non-verbal cues (dress and body language)
    • Appropriate use of slides— why less is more
    • Proper timing and pace
    • What you need to do to improve your presence
    • How to make eye contact and gestures to draw in your audience
    • How to connect with and engage an audience
    • How to handle questions, including those from argumentative or hostile audience members