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This class not only helps our ability to speak to the media, but makes us aware of how we interact with our associates. I feel this opened a new chapter for me to be able to give facts and protect the company I represent, while maintaining my composure, even while under pressure.

—Client at a global consumer products company

Great first introduction to working with the media. Practice was very helpful. Easy to remember strategies.

—International energy firm client

Spokesperson & Media Training

Who Is This For?

Executives, corporate spokespersons, project and facility managers, and subject matter experts who may be called upon to speak about key issues or topics

  • This session can be customized for both groups and for individuals.

  • Description:

    A spokesperson must have a presence that is commanding, captivating and sometimes compassionate. This session provides instruction on how to take leadership during any type of media encounter when the company’s reputation is under public scrutiny—whether it’s a positive reputation-building opportunity, a sensitive issue or a crisis. This session includes multiple simulated interviews that are captured on video to allow for comprehensive and constructive coaching and feedback. These exercises ensure that executives and spokespersons are prepared to appear in top tier media outlets even when media attention is intense. Our media background and unique approach to messaging helps spokespersons excel in virtually any environment or setting.

    What You Will Learn:
    • How to prepare for media interviews
    • Ways to dramatically improve both verbal and non-verbal skills
    • The importance of establishing and enforcing discussion boundaries
    • How to drop corporate “speak” in exchange for language relatable to your audience
    • How to disengage from leading questions and stay on message
    • How to successfully interact with all media formats, including press briefings, on-scene response efforts, media tours, “citizen journalists,” bloggers, plus remote interviews via phone, Skype, videoconference, etc.
    • How to practice media relations from goodwill building to the moment a crisis hits
    • How to handle difficult, aggressive reporters and ambush interviews
    • Ways to avoid common pitfalls
    • How to succeed in remote/satellite interview formats with specific instruction in skill-building for these particularly challenging type of interviews