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Prepared me well for dealing with a very challenging audience and on a tough issue. Helped me to anticipate where things might go and plan for contingencies.

Client with a public utility

Great prep for an emotionally-charged presentation I needed to make to a community group where my goal was to build trust with the audience.

Environmental project manager with an aerospace engineering firm

Public Meeting Preparation

Who Is This For?

Corporate and external affairs staff, investor relations staff, spokespersons and subject matter experts

  • This session can be customized for both groups and for individuals.

  • Description:

    These sessions are designed to build communication skills and confidence for those individuals who present information and respond to audience questions during public forums, such as hearings, town hall meetings, and information fairs. Strategies and tactics for responding to questions are a primary focus of the session, along with direction on how to anticipate and respond to various contingencies that may occur during public meetings.

    Participants in this highly customized session receive coaching and feedback on style, overall presence, and effectiveness in message delivery. Multiple simulations involving professional role-players allow participants to learn by doing. These simulations are videotaped and reviewed throughout the session.

    What You Will Learn:
    • How to drop the corporate and technical jargon in exchange for language relatable to your audience
    • Ways to dramatically improve both verbal and non-verbal skills
    • Techniques for building individual and organizational credibility
    • How to prioritize information and key messages
    • Skills for delivering difficult news
    • How the physical layout of a room can impact your strategy and results
    • Techniques to master audience questions
    • How to deal with angry, emotional or threatening audience members