about confidentiality

Though many companies may post their client lists or the logos of the companies to which they provide services, CCG ensures each of our clients complete confidentiality. For this reason, you will never see our clients' logos or names, just a description of the work we've provided and a general description of the industry in which the company operates. Your communications and training business is just that: your business. We respect your trust in us and keep your strategies confidential.

—Jeff Braun, president, Crucial Communications Group

Our Experience


Crucial Communications Group’s engaging techniques have helped prepare individual executives for crucial media interviews and presentations. Likewise, CCG has been sought by several international Fortune 50 companies to provide emergency preparedness support, crisis planning and response, and executive coaching. In this capacity, we have provided direct assistance and counsel to a wide range of clients in a variety of industry sectors including oil and gas, energy, technology, chemical, food manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, retail, and utilities.

Recent Projects

  • Provided coaching for top-level executives for annual meeting including preparation for engaging a crowd of 10,000 attendees, teleprompter usage, interactive video, and stage choreography
  • Created an ongoing professional development program for finance employees, stressing building presence, influence and effectiveness in communications
  • Prepared an executive of a Fortune 50 company for CNBC in-studio guest host appearances
  • Provided Media Training for executives for major network interviews (in-studio, remote and satellite)
  • Prepared an executive with a Fortune 50 company for participation in a Wall Street Journal World Business Forum
  • Prepared a subject matter expert for expected interviews following a presentation at an international RSA conference on information security
  • Provided Spokesperson Training to an executive at a Fortune 50 company in preparation for a major facility opening in China
  • Provided training and consultation to employees of a major pipeline company to handle community impact meetings and media relations outreach efforts during high-profile expansion initiatives
  • Consulted a major non-profit organization to develop and execute a CEO exit and entrance strategy to ensure seamless continuity during the change in leadership
  • Provided Crisis Communications Training for front-line personnel for a regional Latin American airline
  • Provided Crisis Spokespersons training for executives at a leading global cruise line
  • Provided real-time, on-site support to executives during four aviation accidents, and three maritime accidents
  • Provided Crisis Spokespersons Training for leaders of a major offshore drilling contractor operating in multiple geographic regions
  • Trained corporate affairs leaders of a major consumer goods company in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa for proactive crisis communications
  • Created a multi-level crisis simulation for nationally recognized Executive MBA program to illustrate some key decision-making challenges and communications skills that are necessary during crisis management
  • Conducted an unannounced emergency response drill involving multiple operating areas of an energy company that required mobilizing more than 200 company employees and a team of more than 20 training associates
  • Developed and executed a multi-level, real-time, simultaneous global crisis simulation for a major consumer goods company operating in multiple countries
  • Provided crisis communications instruction, drills and simulations for airlines, hospitality, and rail transportation companies in Europe and Asia
  • Conducted a social media training program for a consumer products company to better prepare their consumer care representatives to advocate for their brands and to respond to consumer issues before they escalate to crisis levels
  • Conducted social media training for a consortium of international cruise lines to leverage the value of their digital presence during crisis events