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Love, love your style! I felt engaged, and the activities were very relevant and informative. I now feel empowered to respond in a more personal, genuine and non-corporate manner on social media.

—Client with a global cruise line

The interactive setting was fun! I had no idea how far-reaching social media is and the opportunities it offers for us to communicate during a crisis. Very relevant today.

Client with a global consumer products company

Social Media Training

Who Is This For?

Digital media representatives, teams charged with managing social media channels during good times and bad

  • This session is designed for groups.

  • Description:

    Love it or hate it, there has never been a better tool than social media to instaneously reach a global audience to build your brand and share your news. Learning to harness this tool can mean the difference in successfully launching a new product or surviving a crisis. This course will help ensure your #success.

    What You Will Learn:
    • How to align corporate communications and social media goals
    • Why response times are critical to your success
    • How to build and enhance relationships with customers as well as your brand and reputation
    • The different social media channels and how to best utilize the unique aspects of each
    • The role social media can and does play in a crisis
    • What multi-media elements you should have in your social media toolbox to enable you to tell your story more effectively
    • Strategies such as profiling posters and how to identify valid complaints, competitors and trolls
    • How to establish boundaries and avoid common pitfalls
    • When to engage and when not to engage
    • Risks and opportunities