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Good real-life crisis simulation which uncovered gaps and stimulated the communication/preparation for this important topic.

—Client at a global beverage company

Extremely informative session. This course gave a very realistic portrayal of an emergency situation. I feel that I will be better prepared for a crisis situation in the event that we have one.

—Client with a major airline

Crisis Communications/Management Training

Who Is This For?

Crisis management and emergency response team members, internal and external spokespersons, and all relevant managers

  • This session is designed for groups.

  • Description:

    Our experience and knowledge in various industries and creative expertise brings realism to simulation exercises and drills. Clients receive our expertise at bringing issues and events to life that create learning opportunities for everyone. This training consistently delivers a "wow factor" through the use of live role play and multi-media injects which create a realistic and immersive learning environment.

    While some may view a crisis as a risk management exercise, we know a challenging situation can bring an opportunity to define a company’s character and in many instances build a bond with both employees and consumers. Today, failure to anticipate the communications and people challenges that dominate the early stages of a crisis and can kill corporate reputations just as the response efforts begin.

    Clients will learn how to address the human factors that challenge organizations beyond what they have planned for in an emergency or crisis. Typically a specific crisis scenario is developed for the simulation that develops over several hours and requires session participants to engage as they would in a realistic situation.

    What You Will Learn:
    • Strategies and tactics for communicating with simulated internal and external audiences, including the media and government or regulatory officials
    • How to evaluate situation escalations and determine the resources needed to properly respond
    • How to identify your organizational and crisis management team's strengths and weaknesses
    • How to discuss severe issues, including fatalities, with media, officials, employees and families
    • How decision making within the scenario can alter communication with the media and other audiences