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Using a teleprompter for a presentation in a large room can be pretty scary. This training helped me choreograph my eye contact and my position in the room and made me look like a pro!

Client with a major consumer retail company

The hands-on teaching strategies helped to ensure knowledge is gained and can be used the right way.

Client with a global hotelier

Teleprompter Training

Who Is This For?

For those who might be required to use a teleprompter

  • This training can be incorporated into any session.
  • This session can provided in both group and individual sessions.

  • Description:

    Using a teleprompter is just reading words off a screen, how hard can that be? Plenty. Few things are as important in building a positive audience response to a messages as good eye contact and confidence, and nothing can undermine this quite as quickly as noticeably reading from the teleprompter or stumbling during a technical issue or operator error.

    What You Will Learn:
    • How to use a teleprompter discreetly and effectively
    • Techniques for recovery in the event of operator or teleprompter error